Badass Business Babes

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Badass Business Babes


Tuesday, 7/31/2018

7:00pm - 9:00pm


1625 Union Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21211

Join us for a discussion with a badass, all-woman panel for a conversation about making your mark and getting ahead in male-dominated industries. Tickets include cocktails, two beers, snacks, and of course a chance to hang with the baddest babes in Baltimore! 
Moderated by Jessica Gregg, presented by STYLE, sponsored by Bastille 1789 and Boulard Calvados.

Lane Harlan of W.C. Harlan and Clavel

Paige Baskauskas of Opici Wines

Emily Lerman - Mera Kitchen Collective

Judy Neff of Checkspot Brewing Co.

Carrie Podles of Alexander's Tavern - Papi's Fells Point Taco Joint - Huck's American Craft - Wicked Sisters Tavern. 

This event is for participants 21 and over. Valid ID required. Please drink responsibly.

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